Since everything ipod classic is dying out (boo), I thought I’d get a skin for mine before I can’t anymore. And every time I look at this art that I commissioned from oochami, I smile. So I figured that would be a good one to choose. And now (so I’m super Sherlocked) I shall put it in my regular ipod case:

OMG I have no words, looks so cute, I’m so happy that you can use my fanart for your precious iPod, protect it like a son (?)

sherlock riding the unicorn sidesaddle is so cute <3

Thanks anon!! :3

Too tired for drawing something, I’ll leave here my shitty photos

The spider doesn't last forever don't worry. If you can manage to reach a certain point you'll know when you're done with the spider for good.

Thanks anon, I’ll try, that damn spider makes me nervous ;_;

I’m a coward, I can’t finish Limbo because these giant spiders freak me out!!!